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Costa Rica La Abeja Single Origin Coffee

Costa Rica La Abeja Single Origin Coffee

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Coffee and Farm Details

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This coffee is a Microlot Red Honey Process offering from producer Cristian Álvarez Zamora in the Tarrazu region.

While Costa Rica may be small enough to fit into the state of Texas about 13 times, its global renown for producing top-tier coffee extends far beyond its compact borders.

This remarkable nation proudly showcases eight distinct coffee-growing regions, with Tarrazú standing out as the most celebrated among them.

Tarrazú enjoys international acclaim for its exceptional coffee beans and the awe-inspiring vistas that accompany them.

Properly enunciated as "Tar-ah-zoo," the coffee-rich region of Tarrazú in Costa Rica is colloquially referred to as "Los Santos," owing to its cantons named after various saints.

Situated approximately a two-hour drive from San Jose, Tarrazú is a captivating landscape of winding roads and sprawling coffee plantations nestled amidst the mountainsides.

The region boasts luxuriant vegetation, providing a habitat for a diverse array of tropical birds that call Los Santos their home.

Tarrazú experiences a well-defined division of seasons, comprising the rainy season spanning seven months from May to November, when coffee plants flourish, and the dry season from December to April.

The harvest period, which falls neatly between November and March, coincides harmoniously with the dry season. This consistent climate pattern proves ideal for cultivating coffee, resulting in the production of uniformly ripe and high-quality coffee cherries.

Tarrazú offers the perfect setting for cultivating arabica coffee beans. This locale has earned a reputation for yielding coffees with a unique and pronounced acidity, primarily attributed to the sedimentary soil composition that defines the region.

With elevations ranging from 1,200 to 1,900 meters, most of the coffee plantations in Tarrazú are thoughtfully shaded by a combination of both indigenous and exotic trees.

Whole Bean Coffee: Sold in 12oz Resealable Bag

Origin: Costa Rica – La Abeja

Region: Cedral, Terrazu

Process: Red Honey

Roast: Light-Medium

Altitude: 1500-1700 MASL

Tasting Notes: Rasberry, Honeysuckle, Prune

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